About Us

web-development-teamIn today’s frantically paced complex business world, the future is often fraught with uncertainty. Our strengths and solutions will help you defeat this very uncertainty. Creations is a full service strategic web site design and development firm. Our services feature the creation of high traffic Internet homepages with striking visuals, customized content, and great attention to user interface details.

We develop uncompromising online solutions that draw from our unique resources and insights to achieve client-driven goals. Since the dawn of commercial application of the Internet, Createx has been helping companies to empower their enterprises with the latest Internet technology.

Createx is a web solutions firm with strategic alliance with major IT companies from India. It has ventured into providing state-of-the-art web solutions and has emerged as a quality provider of total IT solutions for clients worldwide. There are several agencies offering design and hosting of web pages, but very few realize the bottom line….

At Createx, we are communicators first! Having work done by advertising professionals has trained us in the science of getting a message across in an effective, interesting and informative way. The very nature of our work demands that we understand whichever medium our client wants us to use. This understanding – of its strengths, features and limitations – leads to optimal use of the medium in communication. Whether it is programming, scripting or designing, we hand pick professionals who are specialists at their job. This ensures that we are not limiting you to a fixed pool of resources dictated by our skill sets… To be successful on Internet, one needs some of the best hardware to handle high traffic at all points in time. We have the required infrastructure and set up to handle high volume of traffic at any point of time.

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